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19 Aug 2014
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Now let's talk something about height..

none of you must have studied biology....

You're parents don't have to be tall for you to be tall.

there's such thing as a recessive trait...

So if you're parents have the gene to be tall...but it's recessive...Then their not going to be tall...and they pass the gene onto you..making you tall.

Genes can skip generations.

I know a guy who is 6'8 and both of his parents are under 5'8.

And about the fat people being tall from lots of nutrition...This is also false.

Nutrition plays a role in height...But it can not change you're genetic maximum.

If you were ment to be 5'9...and you get tons and tons of nutrients all of you're childhood and while growing...You won't be taller than 5'9..period.

But if you don't get the nutrition you need...You will be shorter than 5'9. Understand?

One of my cousins wasn't growing very much so the doctor put him on somethin, forget what it was but it was test. or somethin like that. Anyway he grew to like 6'3 and he's really tall and lanky, kinda out of proportion. 

So unless you are gonna be like only 5 foot tall I wouldn't take anything that messes around with your natural growing ability.

There is this procedure that will have the bones in your legs sergecally cut open. Then the broken halfs are held at some distance away. Then the bones heal your legs will be longer, thereby making you teller. Do this several times you could "grow" by as much as 10cm. 

PS: It is very painful.

once you reach a certain age you can't grow anylonger. i kno u can up to one point coz when my cousin was little he had some sort of issue where he was really short, my bro was 3 years younger then him and around a foot taller than him, this was when they were tiny lil people, like 7 or sumfin. They gave him some drug to stimulate his growth, i think it mite have bin HGH. but now he's around 5,8 when his estimated height at birth was in the low 5s.

first of all...gnc does not sell steroids.

second of all creatine does not make you taller.

and yes...You height can be expressed as dominate and recessive.

Nutrition plays a major role in height...

But Im not going to say what I already said over and over again...

Mr.5'6...If height can be changed by nutrition and what not....Besides genetics.

Then why are you 5'6????...haha.

Why don't you just take some vitamins and get taller?...huh?

well bill....You think you have a secret to being tall?...Then you should tell us all.

When I was growing up...Im 17 right when I was like 6 and up I have been taking multi vitamins nearly every day...not going a month without taking them.

I ate perfectly...Not many candies or fatty foods or sugary foods....Just nutritional foods.

I am about 5'10 or 5'11 right now...How come Im not 6'5?...if height is not genetics why am I not much much taller?

and I was talking about the other guy who bought creatine and grew like 7 inches.....

and btw...Im thinking you made those stats up....who the **** knows their great grandparents height?..haha.

Its all genetics Very good nutrition and many sports will add about 4 inches but thats it. And no fat people aren,t huge because they eat so much its because its in their genetics to be either tall and fat. Besides there are also enough fat people that are small. And i also heard that if your fat you miss 4 to 5 inches of your ment to be height so...

You're right about being fat usually henders growth.

But sports won't add 4 inches....It will just help you acheive you're genetic potental.

If you're ment to be 5'8,by genetics...Nothing but drugs or a disease will make that higher.

But a lot of things will make it shorter.




Good luck to all who want's to grow taller what are you waiting for reserve now!


Sultan Hussain | 4 years 5 months ago
does it work? is this original? I've heard many good things about ayurvedic urea... Thanks

18 years old | 4 years 5 months ago
does it work if you are 18 years old? I heard somnolence what is that sir? I am from India? Even if it works then how to afford it lol? the price list on the official website is funny like hell or sarcastic. do you have any cheaper deals? what is the most cheapest you got right now? is there any money back guarantee? reply

kancan | 4 years 4 months ago
hey I just started eating ayurvedic urea powder and grown 2 inches fully. I am 21 and worked. Just 3 weeks gone, this is f.... awesome.....

Jnitro | 4 years 1 month ago

Dmitry | 3 years 9 months ago
well I hit the 7 inches benchmark very legit product man. I congratulate you all who grew.

Jerome Leota | 2 years 9 months ago
How cheap is this urea

Joe | 2 years 7 months ago
i have some leftover if anyone wants it. email me >

Daniel | 2 years 5 months ago
I bought the fake cheap urea and didn't grow 1 cm, I bought the original urea last year and until now and still growing. It is legit way to increase height and it worked on me, NO, I don't have any left for you guys to sell lol. fyi I grew almost 5 inch.. good luck..... muuahhh

Gainda | 2 years 5 months ago
I'm the tallest person in my family.. my mom is 5 ft.. and my dad barely pushes 5'6... I'm 5'11 and so far the largest person in my WHOLE family, (also relatives) PLUS i used to be fat thats why i grew so much..... so its not BS its the truth... of course their ARE exceptions to every rule but Short people are cool. if I had my same mass, but 5' 9", I'd look biger and most likely be stronger.

One of my friends was overwieght and hes taller than every one is his family by at least 5 inches and hes taller than his bro that was skinny at his age. Now hes lost a lot of wieght. So i think theres a little truth in that

a) you don't understand biology
b) height is a polygenic trait coming from various family members from various generations including your parents
c)nutrition plays an extremely minor role in height, get your calcium
d) unless you're severely malnourished ( if you're on a computer and posting on this website you're prolly not malnourished) then nutrition won't change your height

No more stupid threads about height, genetics that's it, end of story, you can't change it, forget about it

dude...wt. are you talking about?...I understand biology more than you ever could.

Height only comes from direct family members...Not aunts,uncles and so on...only mom,dad,grandma and grandpa.

Nutrition plays a large role in height.

Most people in the 1700's were working every day and going to school...But had low nutrition....Now we are averaging at about 4 inches taller than they did...because of nutrition and environment.

Im right...And 80% of the stuff you said I already're not making any points that I did not make.

And you n00b...We will continue to post topics about height to educate everyone...If you don't like it don't read them....

and gordon...If you stand by you're theory back it up more with science...I told you how you were wrong,proven wrong.So try to say something other than "I stand by my story"

califo | 2 years 5 months ago
You can get hgh suscribed at the doctor but you have to be under the 5%tile to get it. If you do take it without a doctrors perscription who can actually stunt your growth. And you probably dont want that. Better try this ayurvedic urea it is legit...

Shankar Pradhan | 2 years 4 months ago
My cousin bought the original 4 inches and he is still growing lol he has already grown 5 inches. Is this a side effect or what?

dhiren | 1 year 10 months ago
it worked i grew 4 inchs. :)

lizard | 1 year 6 months ago
only if you buy from

Hilton | 9 months 3 days ago
Omg omg it worked. I tried sample and it worked. Really legit height increaser.

Arun Malla | 8 months 15 days ago
Hi nepali guy here and bought the 4 inch pack 2 years ago. my sister and me equally used the powder and we both have grown 5-6 cms. It's legit. I am glad the herb was discovered in my country. feeling so proud of it.

NISHANT KUMAR | 5 months 18 days ago
Hi Sir

Can you share best price/Affordable price for Ayurvedic Urea. I am from India and my height is only 5 feet 2inches. I acnnot afford high price. Can you suggest best price. Please sir.


Anonymous | 5 months 17 days ago
Has anyone used this??

Anonymous | 3 months 13 days ago
Contact me if you would like to buy Ayurvedic Urea. I am Indian distributor of Ayurvedic urea and have 4 inches and 6 inches pack at affordable cost.Contact me at ( (Those who are above 45 years or had any fracture in last 1 year, please don't contact as this is not for you). Others feel free to contact me.
This herb is found in India and Nepal and thus there is cost benefit if you buy from us. 8 inch pack is presently out of stock and will be available from Jan'19. But 4 inches and 6 inches are available

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